Stay-at-home advisories in Canada paved the way for e-commerce growth, as well as accelerated trends and innovative ways of shopping online. Get a glimpse of what we’re seeing in the unprecedented time. 

  1. Buying products online that are made in Canada is important to over half of all consumers in Canada and it’s much more important to certain generations. 
  2. 32% of shoppers in Canada find video content more helpful compared to pictures or text in informing their purchase decisions. 
  3. 58% of shoppers in Canada have purchase directly from a manufacturer / brand website. 
  4. 26% of those who did not make their most recent purchase on Amazon researched or considered Amazon before purchasing.
  5. Amazon Prime membership has had the lowest penetration among Boomers, but over the last year, their Prime membership increased nearly 30% compared to 2019. 

Source: NPD