wants greater insights into what its customers are purchasing and it is willing to pay for the information. The e-tailing and technology giant has launched Amazon Shopper Panel, an invitation-only program that allows participants to earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts of purchases made outside of its website and retail stores.

Participants in the program are asked to upload photos of 10 eligible receipts per month taken with the Shopper Panel app. Alternatively, they can forward email receipts to Amazon. Additional rewards are available when participants fill out short surveys. Amazon customers can earn up to $10 a month that can be applied to their balance on the site or donated to charity.

Participation in the panel is voluntary and those involved can choose to stop participating at any time. Amazon collects only the information shared by panelists. The company said it “deletes any sensitive information, such as prescription information from drug store receipts.” Amazon said all personal information of panelists is secured and handled in accordance with its privacy policy. 

Amazon’s Shopper Panel site says that the data gleaned from receipts will help brands offer better products and make ads more relevant on Amazon. In a message to brands, Amazon wrote that it “works with brands of all sizes to help them grow their businesses not just in our store, but also across the myriad of places customers shop. We also work hard to provide our selling partners — and small businesses in particular — with tools, insights, and data to help them be successful in our store. But our store is just one piece of the puzzle. Customers routinely use Amazon to discover and learn about products before purchasing them elsewhere.”

Source: Retail Wire