Your Trade Association provides more than discounted courier rates

Are you missing out? Yes, COPA has a great partnership with Purolator to provide exceptional rates and service (if you’re not signed up, you should get on that), but we’ve got a lot more where that came from.

Our aim is to help you improve your business by increasing growth and profitability, expanding your sales reach, accessing industry intelligence and supporting professional development.  


Every single year COPA partners with new service providers who can help our members achieve their business goals and save costs on common and uncommon business expenses. We have a comprehensive list of service offerings on our Website that are easy to access: 

  • Save up to 75% on shipping with Purolator
  • Manage your shipping on CourierGateway, a cloud-based platform
  • Save up to 50% on tariff rates (ground shipping) with Canpar
  • North Atlantic International Logistics Inc. is a one stop shop for your inbound and outbound transportation needs
  • ASL Distribution Services Ltd. specializes in warehousing, e-commerce, consolidation, transportation and home & office deliveries
  • Need a B2B commerce platform to sell to all your customers? Try Convictional’s dropship platform

These service providers represent less than one third of COPA’s affinity partners! Visit our affiliate page to see all that is available to you, and your employees as well.


Another way we help our members achieve their business goals is through learning events that bring in experts to address trends or issues that affect our sector. Our Making Waves Conference is coming up and it is a steal for our members. For only $300 (plus tax) you can access the full line-up, which currently includes over 10 topics:

  • cybersecurity
  • the Canada-U.S. post-pandemic relationship 
  • remote work planning
  • strategies for companies dealing with Mental Health impact
  • managing supply chain disruptions
  • emerging technologies
  • sustainability and inclusiveness 
  • agile sales solutions
  • customer service excellence
  • change management
  • COVID-19 impact on mental health for small businesses 


Another easy way to make the most of your COPA membership is by participating in our peer groups. Imagine a place where similar professionals can get together and exchange ideas about best practices and get information they can take back to their own companies. If you haven’t participated before, we strongly recommend that you do. Groups currently exist for OP community leaders, HR, logistics and OP vendors. Please contact to learn more. 

COPA still depends on volunteers from our industry to lend their expertise to our committees and Board. If you’d like to join the Board or get on a committee, contact to learn more.


There’s a lot happening at COPA. Too much to fit into this already long article. But, the COPA team encourages you to get in touch with us—after all, we’re here for you—if you have questions about anything at all:

Sam Moncada, President –, 905-624-9462 ext. 228

Nicole Gamble, Operations Manager/Event Manager,, 905-624-9462 ext. 223

We look forward to helping you!