COPA provides its members with marketplace data and industry intelligence to help them in their business. Currently, the Association produces three different types of reports for its members. 

  • Trade Data Reports are based on Statistics Canada, Canadian Border Services and Industry Canada and provide import quantities/costs by product categories (HS Codes).
  • Specialty Reports are distributed from time to time, such as a Labour and Wage Report, which examines several important developments in the Canadian labour market, and Financial Analysis reports comparing retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries.
  • The Industry Salary-Compensation Report is based on surveys conducted every two years.

How to Use Trade Data Reports

These reports allow you to see the big picture by providing manufacturers and retailers with insight into categories, products and competitors. The big picture helps members understand and rationalize their results and market reports. Whether a particular product is destined for a retail store, commercial sales, e-commerce or purchased from a foreign website it is included in our market reports.

Learn more about how to use trade data reports in your business with this 15-minute video or see sample reports here. 

If you have questions about the COPA reports or would like to get the latest copy, please contact