Don’t miss Donald’s transformational insights on how to visualize and plan the future of your business… and your life! His ground-breaking work on Vision and Mission have helped 100s of clients in over 40 industries around the world.

a)  ‘The Truth About Vision & Mission… they aren’t what you think they are.’
There’s great confusion in business today about Vision and Mission. Businesses spend years and tens of thousands of dollars on consultants and ‘Strategic Retreats’ only to come up with a vague Vision Statement that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. These typical ‘aspirational’ Visions state nothing that’s quantifiable or measurable; there is no time line, so no sense of urgency; there’s no call to specific action, no clear commitments…and, certainly, there’s no accountability.

The common belief is that our Vision is our ‘dream’ of what we want to become some day. But, in truth, our Vision needs to be a combination of what we want to become (our dream) and the reality of what we must become to be a profitable and responsible market leader in 3 to 5 years (our reality). And to reach that goal, we have a Mission, a clear, specific and measurable statement of what we commit to do this year, in each part of the business.

How can you create an actionable vision and mission for your business? Read Donald Cooper’s article to find out.

b)  ‘Our 1st Job Is Clarity!’ 
Regardless of what anyone tells you, as business owners, leaders and managers, our first job is clarity. Without clarity at every level of our business there can be no clear focus, compelling value, team commitment, urgency or accountability. And clarity begins at the top. If we as leaders are not clear, who else in the organization could possibly be?

Donald Cooper has developed a quiz which focuses on 10 “clarities’ that can help gain insight into the perspectives of the different leaders and managers in your team. Often, the ‘boss’ thinks that there’s absolute clarity…but no one else sees it that way. Click here to download a copy of the quiz.

Webinar: Vision Critical…How to manage, innovate and thrive in a very different tomorrow!
COPA Members are invited to join us for a webinar featuring, Donald Cooper. There’s huge confusion in business today about what a ‘Vision’ is, what it isn’t…and whether it even makes sense to have one. Every industry is changing quickly. New technologies and disruptive business models are taking over. To succeed in this fast-changing and hyper-competitive world, we need clarity about the future of our business and our industry. Donald Cooper will discuss how to create clarity with an Operation Vision, a clear, specific, and measurable statement of what your business is committing to become in the next 3 – 5 years.

Date: April 22, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

Click here to reserve your spot.