Bruder Office Furniture plans to expand operations and distribution throughout North America and Canada, and the company expects to grow in 2023.

Bruder Office Furniture offers a well-curated collection of office furniture, allowing clients to create attractive and high-functioning workspaces. Its expansion will provide more businesses access to high-quality yet affordable office furniture.

“We have office design experts who help set us apart from other manufacturers. They eliminate the guesswork for clients who need to make furnishing decisions, providing exactly what clients want for their office space. We believe in creating a collaborative and fun experience. We also aim to take away the stress that clients commonly experience when remodeling,” said Joel Kofie, business development manager at Bruder Office Furniture.

The manufacturing company provides direct access to its products. “Through key partnerships, we can offer clients the best prices on high-quality office furniture. At times, they can save up to 75% of the competitor’s price. This is valuable to clients as intermediaries trying to get a cut is prevalent in the furniture industry,” Kofie adds.

Bruder Office Furniture is delivering new customer service by offering customized goods and services. It can also shorten client delivery time as it moves closer to major business districts in North America and Canada.

Source: Wood Working Network