Businesses of all sizes can develop a business continuity plan to prepare their staff and operations for potential business disruptions, including outbreaks such as COVID-19. This 3-part checklist and resource listing can help you prepare your business now for potential future disruptions.

This checklist covers:

1. Emergency Planning

  • Do you have a Business Continuity Plan that addresses disease outbreaks?
  • Have you recently communicated and practiced your Business Continuity Plan with employees?
  • Does your Business Continuity Plan include steps to continue operations with reduced employee levels?

2. Protecting Employees

  • Are you following up-to-date guidelines from global and local health authorities?
  • Are you actively promoting recommended workplace cleanliness and hygiene measures?
  • Have you revisited your benefits and leave policies?
  • Will you offer telework arrangements?
  • Can you help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to/from visitors to your workplace?

3. Continued Operations

  • How will you respond to a possible decrease in local and tourist demand for your goods and services?
  • Do you have enough products and supplies on hand?
  • Does your business have insurance that covers the risk of disease outbreaks?
  • What changes will your business need to make in its daily operations?
  • Have you considered the financial and administrative impacts of an outbreak?

This checklists also provides resources to help answer these questions, and provides information on how to connect with Small Business BC. To view the complete checklist, please click here. 

Source: Small Business BC