If you are looking for ways to save during COVID-19, please check out COPA’s affiliate partners for any relevant services that you may need

COPA’s wide-ranging list of affiliate partners may be able to help you with key decisions and urgent business changes you have to make during this pandemic. Some provide free consultations. 

Our partners include couriers, shippers, and logistics experts; human resources consultants, insurance brokers; merchant and point-of-sale providers; EDI, VAN and/or GDSN services; online learning solutions; waste and EPR compliance consultants; and communications services. Basically, we’ve got you covered! 

One of our most recent partners, Sococo, offers one of the most innovative and interactive work-from-home platforms available. Team members can still walk into each other’s offices and have conversations at the water cooler, no matter where they are in the building or the world! It’s an amazing experience that expertly supports online collaboration while providing accountability employers can trust in. We encourage you to contact Nicole Gamble for a free two week trial setup or click here to learn more.