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The lasting effects of COVID-19 has forced us to think differently about our people and our customers.  What they deem important is very different today than it was at the beginning of 2020. Creating new ways to engage these groups has never been more critical to driving business success.  

COPA is pleased to bring members a webinar on October 12th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET via Zoom that will be covering the topic of “Creating Financially Balanced Engagement”.  This online event will actually encompass three presentations that will discuss:

Are Employee Wellness Programs Worth the Investment?

What is the cost to your company of not having an employee Wellness program? Focusing on employee wellness drives engagement, reduces costs, and provides many other benefits—including overall improvement in employee health, greater productivity, increased retention, and lower absenteeism. Leah Epstein Armstrong of eLifestyle will demonstrate how investing in the wellness of your staff benefits them while providing long term value to your organization.

Embracing the Right Omni-Channel Approach for Your Customers

In the last 5 years, client engagement has evolved dramatically. Customers are more in the driver’s seat and desire a cohesive omni-channel communication experience, while at the same time sales and marketing teams have been struggling to adapt. Ian Cantle of Outsourced Marketing will explore the reasons and data behind this trend, the challenges companies like yours face and how you can embrace an omni-channel approach to serving your customers.

Investing in Differentiating Your Business

“Investing” in engagement means spending now for a future anticipated return on that investment. The business climate being what it is, incremental investments can be difficult to fund, even ones that may help drive differentiation for your company in the minds of your clients or employees. Our last speaker, Stephan Lafreniere of Schooley Mitchell, will share some thoughts on how to manage and reduce overall expenses by increasing focus on areas that don’t help you to differentiate your business and then employing retail style category management principles to reduce their volume.

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