Robert Half has just-released its 2022 Salary Guide. Data shows that the Great Resignation trend may accelerate across Canada, and robust compensation packages will be critical for recruiting new talent.

The following are five key trends for employers to note:

  • Employees feel underpaid. 50% of workers think they’re earning less than they deserve. Millennial professionals (56%) and women (54%) are most likely to feel shortchanged.
  • Workers may walk without a bump in pay. 18% of employees reported that they would consider quitting their job if they don’t get a raise by year’s end. Gen Z (35%) and Millennial (28%) workers are even more likely to make a career move if their salary doesn’t increase.
  • In-demand roles are commanding top dollar.  Employers need to pay competitively and be willing to negotiate to secure highly sought-after talent. In addition, 35% of employers are offering signing bonuses to entice new hires. 
  • Compensation varies for remote staff. When recruiting for open roles, 59% of managers will first look locally and then outside their city if it takes too long to find skilled candidates; 17% will begin their search anywhere from the start given the talent shortage. Companies hiring remote workers are setting their pay by: 
    • Employer’s office location: 60%
    • Employee’s location: 40%
  • Candidates are considering the full package. When weighing job offers, it’s not all about the money. Workers most covet:
    • Flexible work schedules: 75%
    • Remote work options: 61%
    • Employee discounts: 40%

“Renewed business confidence is boosting hiring activity in professional industries across Canada, and the need for skilled workers is at an all-time high,” said David King, Canadian senior district president of Robert Half. “Professionals are in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating a raise or new role — and they are interested in more than just pay. Companies need to align their total compensation package with market trends and employee expectations.”

“While hiring is top of mind right now, keeping current employees motivated and engaged also needs to be an ongoing priority for organizations,” added King. “This includes regularly benchmarking salaries and identifying factors that enhance job satisfaction, such as opportunities for advancement, flexible schedules, and programs that support employee well-being.”

About the Research

Robert Half has reported on salaries for more than 70 years. The 2022 Salary Guide features projected starting salary ranges and employment trends for more than 400 positions across the finance and accounting, technology, administrative and customer support, marketing and creative, legal, and human resources professions in Canada. Information in the guide is based on data from job placements managed by Robert Half teams throughout Canada, an analysis of the demand for each position, the supply of talent and other market conditions, and online surveys developed by Robert Half and conducted by independent research firms. The company produces Salary Guides in 18 countries.

Source: Robert Half