Dynamic Management Services is a consulting firm with broad experience in provincial legislation for waste packaging and extended product responsibility (EPR). DMS serves a diverse client-base that includes SMBs and large corporations and is able to get you in compliance with your provincial legislation.

DMS Service Offerings and Benefits

Confirm Your Legal Obligation

Your DMS report will indicate your EPR status letting you know if you are in compliance with legislation in your province and, if not, what further steps you need to take to get in compliance.

Compliance and Staffing Solutions

If you are out of compliance with provincial legislation, DMS offers a reasonably-priced turnkey service that has been proven to get companies in compliance with EPR obligations.

DMS’ Data Inquiry Resource and turnkey solution address this staffing and compliance problem at a very competitive price and, as a COPA member, you will save an additional 10%.

Data Inquiry Resources

DMS will respond to any COPA member inquiries with confidential advice and direction whenever needed free of charge (with reasonable use). DMS’ consultation expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • government legislation,
  • pass through fees,
  • POS (point of sale) fees,
  • how to determine which data you need to collect, and
  • how best to collect that data.

An inquiry to DMS could potentially help your company avoid unnecessary costs.

(Excessive use of this consultation service may incur fees.)

DMS offers a free 2-hour consultation to COPA members to determine your legal obligation under any of the existing provincial programs in Canada.

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