Make the most of your hard-earned dollars with COPA’s discount partners

Here are two easy ways you can save money as a COPA member employee.

  1. Contact Insuranceland to find out if you qualify for up to 20% off on your car insurance … learn more here.
  2. Sign up for the Corporate Member CAA card to save on over 164,000 retail locations across Canada … seriously, this card gives you so much more than roadside assistance! Learn more here

For corporate savings, we highly recommend these two COPA programs that can potentially save your business thousands of dollars…no joke! 

  1. Purolator offers insane rates to COPA members: these are some of the bestest, most beautiful, high quality rates you’ll find anywhere … check out their page to learn more. 
  2. You need LSS founder, Paul Publow, in your logistics … get a free consultation to help reduce your freight and distribution costs, improve service, and reduce transit times; if there are savings to be had, Paul will find them! Get his contact info here.

There are lots more where these came. For a full listing of COPA’s affiliate partners (and we’ve got one to help with almost every area of your business), check out our partner listings here. If you need assistance that can’t be found here, contact Sam Moncada at 

If you have any questions or need further assistance with our programs, please contact Nicole Gamble at 

Happy savings!