Henkel North America is doing its part to help employees and communities as the COVID-19 epidemic rages on. Henkel North America has already provided over $500,000 and 1.2 million units of essential household hygiene product donations to organizations that provide medical supplies, basic needs for food and hygiene, and disaster relief within the US and Canada.

“Our highest priority is the well-being of our employees.” Mike Olosky, the regional president for Henkel North America, said. “Since the start of the pandemic, we have remained committed to doing everything we can to ensure their safety and health, be it on-site or in the home office. We also have offered additional programs to support them and their families as well as their communities. Currently, the majority of our production lines are running as essential businesses, and we are committed to meet our customers’ needs. Our special thanks go to all of our Henkel North America team members who are doing a tremendous job under increased safety protocols in our production sites, our warehouses, and labs. Their work is crucial, and we don’t take it for granted.”

Monetary support is fueling the good works of national organizations such as Feeding America, Americares, the Red Cross and United Way as they reach communities in need across the region. To help local communities, Henkel also made donations to organizations helping vulnerable residents in Connecticut, Arkansas, New Jersey, Kentucky, California and Mississauga. Henkel North America is donating 1.2 million units of product that will help people with essential needs for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

To reach as many communities as possible in the U.S. and Canada, the products are distributed to national charities such as Americares, Feeding America and United Way who work with a network of food banks. In addition, product is being distributed to charities that support the homeless such as Seattle Union Gospel Mission and St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen in Michigan.

Henkel is also committed to supporting industry partners. In the professional beauty hair care sector, the closing of hair salons due to the virus has left many without work. Henkel’s Beauty Care Hair Professional business has donated $200,000 to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) COVID-19 relief fund to help licensed hair stylists who are unable to work and experiencing financial hardship.The care in North America will carry on, as Henkel continues to support the needs of their communities, customers and employees. Please visit the dedicated Henkel North America webpage, Together Against Corona for updates on our continued action.

Source: Henkel
Source: Drug Store News