Highlands is pleased to announce the launch of the Lumeah brand, a US-based line of off-the-shelf interior design products that are multi-functional and easy to install. The range includes desk and room dividers, modesty screens, wall tiles and ceiling clouds.

Highlands was engaged by Lumeah’s parent company, Baresque (Australia’s premier distributor of wallcoverings, fabrics, architectural finishes and acoustic management products), to create the brand from its inception. “We were keen to expand our offering outside the specifier community,” said Angus Blaiklock, EVP of Baresque USA. “Highlands has the knowledge and experience to take our new brand into the wider market. We are all excited to see how things develop.”

“Baresque is a really cool Australian company and it was fun to work alongside them from the very beginning,” said Gordon Christiansen, Highlands COO. “We started with deep research and understanding of the product, industry and target audience which helped us create and define the product line, branding and marketing material for the US marketplace.”

The Lumeah line is made with a rigid, lightweight and flexible material that not only looks great but absorbs internal and external sound influences thus reducing the noise level in a room. 

For more information about Lumeah, visit https://www.lumeahdesign.com/.

Source: Think Highlands