There is growing information that workplace mental health is becoming a more significant challenge. For small businesses to positively impact workplace mental health, they must first understand what psychosocial risk factors and hazards are creating the most considerable strain on the workers and leaders.

Workplace Safety and Prevention Services has created an online training featuring Dr. Bill Howatt, an international expert in workplace mental health, who will provide professionals tasked with facilitating workplace mental health a framework for taking information and creating actions that put the organization on the right track to transform workplace mental health.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore critical considerations for creating a psychologically safe workplace. Review the link among risk factors, hazards, and protective factors.
  • Understand why workplace mental health requires a Plan – Do – Check – Act approach.
  • Discover how to leverage a rapid approach to workplace mental health.

Visit the Workplace Safety and Prevention Services website to complete the interactive online training.