Many businesses believe that the key to success is ‘customer satisfaction’. But just ‘satisfying’ customers won’t cut it anymore. ‘Satisfied’ is somewhere just slightly north of ‘not satisfied’, but far below ‘thrilled, delighted and amazed’.

‘Satisfied’ is not where emotional connection, brand loyalty and customer ownership take place. ‘Satisfied’ is not where customers become fans and tweet, text, blog and tell hundreds of friends about you. 

‘Satisfied’ is where customers are not unhappy enough to complain, but not thrilled enough to come back. So, rather than just ‘satisfying’ your customers, you need to absolutely delight and amaze them. And, if you’re not prepared to do the work to make that happen, you should just pack it in right now! 

So, what will you commit to do to surprise and delight your customers, clearly differentiate your business from your competitors and make you ‘famous’ at every touch-point? What products, services, extraordinary experiences, joy, speed, policies or proactivity will blow them away? What’s possible? What has never been done before? Then, how will you make that part of your corporate DNA?

Sit down with some of the best minds and hearts in your business, including several front-line staff. List every customer touch-point and imagine what ‘extraordinary’ might look like at each of them. Then decide, commit, implement and follow-up. The world is run by those who follow-up.    

Source: Donald Cooper