Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, Announces Doug Herrington as CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores 

On the morning of June 21, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy sent the following message to the company:

“I’m excited to share that Doug Herrington will become the new CEO of our Worldwide Amazon Stores business (formerly known as “Consumer”). Doug has been at Amazon for 17 years. He joined the company in 2005 to build out our Consumables business, launched AmazonFresh in 2007, and in 2015, took on leading all of our North American Consumer business. Doug and I have worked together on S-team since 2011. He is a builder of great teams and brings substantial retail, grocery, demand generation, product development, and Amazon experience to bear. He’s also a terrific inventor for customers, thinks big, has thoughtful vision around how category management and ops can work well together, is a unifier, is highly curious, and an avid learner. I think Doug will do great things for customers and employees alike, and I look forward to working with him in this leadership role.

As part of this organizational change, Doug and I are pleased to share that the Operations organization will be united under a single leader, John Felton. John has been at Amazon for nearly 18 years, spending 12 years in Retail and Operations finance leadership roles. In 2018, John moved to Worldwide Operations to become the VP of Global Customer Fulfillment; and in 2019, he took over the newly formed Global Delivery Services group, encompassing global import/export, Amazon Logistics, and our last-mile delivery services. He joined S-team in September, 2020. John has strong end-to-end knowledge of our Fulfillment network, operates with an important mix of strategic thinking and a command of the details that matter most in our network, is right a lot, and is a strong team builder who is dedicated to making Amazon a great place to work for our employees.

John will report to Doug, as will Russ Grandinetti (International Stores), Christine Beauchamp (North America Stores), Tony Hoggett (Physical Stores), Dave Treadwell (eCommerce Foundation), Neil Lindsay (Pharmacy/AmazonCare/Healthcare), Dharmesh Mehta (Selling Partner Services), Peter Larsen (Buy with Prime), and Pat Bajari (Chief Economist).”

Source: Amazon 

Amazon Launches New Physical Retail Store Analytics Service

Store Analytics offers brands data-driven insights about the performance of their products, promotions, and ad campaigns.

The Amazon physical retail and technology team has spent the past several years removing friction from in-store shopping experiences. It began by helping shoppers skip checkout lines with Just Walk Out technology, and then made a quick grocery trip even quicker with the Amazon Dash Cart. These technologies transformed the in-store shopping experience at stores such as Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh. Now, Amazon is excited to introduce a new analytics service built by the physical retail and technology team to continue evolving the in-store shopping experience.

Store Analytics provides brands with aggregated and anonymized insights about the performance of their products, promotions, and ad campaigns in Just Walk Out technology and Amazon Dash Cart-enabled Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S. These insights will help those same stores continuously improve the shopper experience by making the store layout easier for shoppers to find their favourite items and discover new ones, improving selection and availability of products, and delivering great value through relevant promotions and advertising.

With Store Analytics, brands will have access to details on how their products are discovered, considered, and purchased in applicable stores to help them inform decisions related to selection, promotions, and ad campaigns. Through the secure Store Analytics dashboard, brands can access aggregated and anonymized data about how their products rank and perform. Additionally, advertisers running in-store campaigns such as digital signage will see associated performance metrics in their ad campaign reports. These data-driven Store Analytics insights allow brands to better understand the path to purchase for their products, helping them to evolve and refine their assortment, merchandising, and advertising over time.

Shoppers care about how their information is used and shared, therefore Amazon has put a lot of thought into how it can make this service useful for brands while continuing to protect shoppers’ privacy. In all use cases, Store Analytics will only provide aggregated and anonymized data to brands, meaning that what is shared with brands is presented as a grouping and does not contain any personal information. Amazon does not share anything that can be linked back to any individual shopper; rather only offer totals, averages, and percentages about product, promotion, and ad campaign performance—for example, the percentage of how often their product was taken off the shelf and then purchased either during that store visit or later on Amazon will never share personal information about shoppers, so the data brands receive will never include details such as their name, individual browsing data, or individual session details like the time of day they shopped or the store at which they shopped. Further, no video or images of shoppers will be shared with brands as part of this service.

Amazon also understands that not all shoppers want their data used for Store Analytics, even though what is shared is always aggregated and anonymized. For these shoppers, Amazon will offer an opt out by following the simple instructions on our Store Analytics website. Shoppers who opt out can still use Just Walk Out technology and Amazon Dash Carts in Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores; however, Amazon will not retain or use data for the purpose of Store Analytics or related advertising measurement from any future shopping trips for that shopper’s account.

To learn more, visit the Store Analytics website or read the FAQs on the Amazon website. 

Source: Amazon