Amazon Launches New Tools to Empower American Small Businesses to Grow Their Export Sales

Amazon estimates that more than 6 million products currently offered by U.S. sellers have a high potential for success in its international stores. With that in mind, Amazon has announced a set of new tools that make it easier for American third-party sellers to offer their products in Amazon’s 21 stores worldwide. 

“Global Selling helps small businesses leverage Amazon’s scale and reach to easily expand into countries around the world, while maintaining control of their brand and not having to worry about global logistics,” said Eric Broussard, vice president of international selling partner services at Amazon. “These capabilities, such as the use of Amazon’s renowned worldwide customer support for all of their products at low or no cost, will help our U.S. sellers capture billions of dollars in international opportunity.”

Amazon announced the following new tools in October:

  • Customer Service by Amazon gives sellers who fulfill their own orders the option to have Amazon manage their customer inquiries, refunds, and returns on self-fulfilled orders—and the company announced they will offer this service for free or at a discounted rate depending on the seller’s customer contact volume. Customer Service by Amazon reduces the burden of providing quality customer service across geographies and in multiple languages. Customers can contact the more than 130 customer support sites via phone, chat, or email, day or night, and receive help in 15 languages. It is available now and open to all U.S. sellers.
  • Marketplace Product Guidance takes the guesswork out of which products should and can be sold internationally. It helps sellers determine which of their products they should offer internationally and identify other high-potential products they can add to their catalog in international stores. These recommendations are personalized and ranked based on their opportunity score, and calculated by machine learning models that take into account hundreds of parameters at the seller, product, and store level. It is available now and open to all U.S. sellers.
  • Global Inventory Viewer provides a one-stop experience for sellers to monitor inventory supply and demand across all stores in a consolidated manner. Global Inventory Viewer seamlessly integrates with Send to Amazon, making it simple and easy for sellers to send more inventory to Amazon fulfillment centres before running out of stock. It is available now and open to all U.S. sellers.
  • Global Listing enables sellers to list products on Amazon once and sell globally. Instead of managing products separately across Amazon’s stores, sellers can now replicate their product listings in multiple international stores with just a few clicks. Sellers will be able to view their listing from a set of globalized pages and views. Amazon is currently testing the feature in beta and will open it to all U.S. sellers in early 2022.

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Amazon Launches New Local Selling Capabilities to Help Small Businesses Grow by Reaching More Customers in Their Area

More than half of all products purchased in Amazon’s store are sold by third-party sellers, most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses. To help these businesses quickly and easily expand their multichannel offerings, Amazon has announced Amazon Local Selling. This new set of services will enables local, regional, and national retailers to start or expand their Amazon businesses by offering both in-store pickup and fast delivery to local customers.

Amazon Local Selling is now available from both national and local retailers, including Mavis Discount Tire, Sears Hometown Store, 4 Wheel Parts, Electronic Express, Best Buy, Appliance Connection, Mattress Warehouse, Beach Camera, Adorama, DataVision, Exclusive Furniture, World Wide Stereo, MODIA, Focus Camera, and others. Sellers who are interested in joining Local Selling can apply at as the program expands this year and during 2022. Customers can learn more about Local Selling at

With Amazon Local Selling, sellers can give nearby customers the opportunity to support local businesses with regional offers across all product categories, and they can offer products they couldn’t before, such as large or fragile items. Additionally, sellers can offer customers add-on services, such as product assembly or installation, for the products they deliver.

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Amazon to Launch the Search Analytics Dashboard That Will Provide Third-Party Sellers With Insights on Search Performance of Their Products

Amazon has announced the Search Analytics Dashboard, a new tool that will help sellers registered in Brand Registry derive insights from the search performance of their products. “The Search Analytics Dashboard will provide sellers with a wealth of anonymized data to better understand customers’ interests and shopping choices for their products. This information will help sellers optimize their listings, inform inventory planning, plan their product development roadmap, and grow their business both on and off Amazon,” said Srikanth Thirumalai, vice president of search at Amazon. 

The new Search Analytics Dashboard will include the Catalog and Query Performance dashboards:

  • The Query Performance Dashboard will help sellers understand top search terms that are associated with their products. This information can help sellers better target the keywords they use in their marketing campaigns and identify opportunities to expand their product portfolio based on customer interest.
  • The Catalog Performance Dashboard will help brands understand their sales funnel at the product level. Sellers will be able to use this tool to quickly identify conversion issues or drop-off points where they lose customer attention. The dashboard will also help sellers analyze the price competitiveness of their products and optimize their marketing investments and inventory planning.

“Search term data is very helpful for our business and consumer brands, in general. The Search Analytics Dashboard will bring to light some incredibly valuable data for us.” said Jason Mclellan, director at VitaCup, a seller participating in the products’ development. “The information has already helped us identify a new product to develop and a product category where we’re building traction.”

The Search Analytics Dashboard will be available in the U.S. in early 2022. The tool will be provided at no charge to Amazon sellers who are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

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Amazon Announces Product Opportunity Explorer to Help Third-Party Sellers Identify New Products to Sell in Amazon’s Store

Amazon has announced its new Product Opportunity Explorer, a tool that helps sellers identify opportunities to launch new, high-potential products to serve unmet customer demand. The Product Opportunity Explorer was developed with product research and development in mind, offering rich, accurate data to help sellers understand, gauge, and evaluate product opportunities on Amazon. Sellers can assess the likelihood of a new product gaining traction with customers and forecast sales potential.

“We have built our business on Amazon, and our growth strategy is based on increasing the number of products we offer,” said John Broadbent of Silver Onyx, a seller with seven brands in Amazon’s store. “Product Opportunity Explorer will give us data and recommendations specifically relevant to our business, fuelling our ability to develop and offer dozens of new products to our brand portfolio this year, such as successful new additions to our Nature’s Nutrition line.”

Amazon is initially testing Product Opportunity Explorer in a beta program, with plans to make the tool available to all sellers in 2022. The tool is available at no charge in Seller Central, Amazon’s online business management resource for sellers.

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