COPA members were treated to an insightful webinar by Michel Saha on January 27th on unconscious bias and how it effects your organization. 

Michel explained how research has shown that organizations with inclusive business practices are 57.8% more likely to improve their reputations. In addition, employees who view their workplace as inclusive are likely to consider their organization to have ethical value. In the current context, embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Indigenization (DEII) is a strategic advantage, critical to risk management and business outcomes.

Michele explained however that implementing these practices can be difficult. Wherever there are people, there is bias, and bias affects how we learn, work and interact with each other. We are knowledge workers who “think for a living,” but “much of our thinking is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or prejudiced.”

This webinar was designed and delivered in a manner to provide opportunities for reflection on the biases you hold and provide strategies to become aware of the impact of bias on individual and organizational outcomes and reputation.

The webinar addressed three key questions:

  • What is Unconscious Bias?
  • How it Works?
  • Why it Matters?

About the Speaker

Michel Shah brings more than 20 years of business experience in training and development, real estate, insurance, investments and entrepreneurship to her role as educator. She is a confident, engaging speaker and a master collaborator who delivers results both in education and in business.