The Making Waves event has many wonderful speakers and topics to engage, educate, and inspire. In this newsletter we will feature a few speakers that address similar themes in their presentations. Two of our insightful speakers, Lee-Anne McAlear and Megan Mitchell will be focusing on innovation and how it can improve the way you do business. 


Lee-Anne McAlear – Leading a Culture that Innovates!

Innovation is a discipline, just like strategy, planning, or budgeting. Like these disciplines, sustained innovation requires an understanding of the power of accessing people’s creativity and the development of a culture that supports innovation. 

However, the move from the status quo to the new and different can be a challenging one. In this highly interactive and engaging talk, Lee-Anne McAlear, Co-Program Director of the COE of Innovation Leadership at SEEC, Schulich School of Business, York University will describe which environments promote creativity and innovation—and which don’t. She will reveal the big ideas, quick innovation hacks and practical steps that leaders need to mobilize their organizations and their ecosystem – to engage employees, mobilize suppliers and delight customers. 


Megan Mitchell – Design Thinking to Foster and Accelerate Innovation

Do you ever wonder why some new innovative products and programs fail, while other ones succeed?  Design thinking focuses on new ways of delivering value both inside and outside the company, and can come from designing products, services and programs that have the end-user in mind.

In this engaging and interactive session, Megan Mitchell, Co-Program Director of the Centre of Excellence of Innovation Leadership at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University will demystify innovation and design thinking for you. She will share examples and a framework with you, as well as help you think about how to apply it in a current business challenge.  


Be sure to join us November 7-8, 2019 and hear these amazing presentations. Click here to register.

Source: COPA