The Making Waves event has many wonderful speakers and topics to engage, educate, and inspire. In this newsletter we will feature a few speakers that address similar themes in their presentations. Two of our expert speakers, Ron Babin and Murat Kristal will be speaking about technology and how it impacts the retail sector as well as how to harness the power of big data.  

Ron Babin – Digital Disruption in the Retail and Supply Chain Sectors

Consumer digital technologies such as smart phones, cloud services and high speed Internet are changing much of the business landscape. As the technology becomes more reliable and affordable, we are now seeing artificial intelligence (AI) and software robotics available for consumers. The focus of the session will be to understand how digital disruption will affect retail and supply chain businesses today and in the near future.

Ron Babin is the program director of the new Centre of Excellence in Disruption and Transformation at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business at York University, and he will present this breakout session. He will examine the underlying digital technology drivers that are creating this disruptive environment and how existing businesses can prepare for the inevitable transformation that the new technologies bring.


Murat Kristal – Data Analytics and Insights

Understanding the impact of Big Data and how Analytics are impacting the business landscape are key to understanding how your organization can capitalize on the developments and generate higher revenues and increase efficiencies. 

Combing through the vast amounts of data harnessed by businesses at every point of contact requires an analytical framework powered by innovative technologies that can handle the data and the associated powerful analytical frameworks to generate relevant insights. 

This session will be presented by Dr. Murat Kristal, associate professor of operations management at Schulich School of Business at York University and the Program Director of the Centre of Excellence in Analytics for Leaders at the Schulich Executive Education Centre. Dr. Kristal will help you see and understand your data by creating simple to complex visualizations and combining them in interactive dashboards.

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