Week one of COPA’s Making Waves Digital Learning Event proved highly informative and practical. As promised, each session touched on pertinent topics for businesses and provided ready-to-use information for leaders. 

The event continues through to November 26th with presentations every Tuesday and Thursday. There is still time to register and each speaker will address topics that you can use in your decision-making.

Cybersecurity expert Danny Pehar kicked off day one with a seriously practical look at online safety for individuals and businesses. It’s really not that complicated to stay safe online, but not knowing what to secure, how and why, makes it challenging. Danny successfully lifted the veil and showed participants how to get started. 

Following Danny’s eye-opening talk in the morning, Douglas Kennedy, who was sponsored by Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University, delivered an afternoon presentation on what businesses can expect in the post-pandemic economy. That discussion provided projections for the Canadian economy and how companies should be positioning themselves. 

To close out the week, Matthew Stibbe dialled-in all the way from the UK to give managers some very practical ideas and tools to more effectively manage their work-from-home employees. Matthew’s humour made for a delightful and informative presentation! 

Week 1 and 2 and gone now, but you can still join us for weeks 3 and 4. The remaining topics include:

The Talk: The Influencer 101 – If you’re a marketer who wants to know more about influencer marketing and whether or not it’s right for your company, you’ll want to register for this presentation on November 17th. 

Home Office Ergonomics – So, COVID-19 has moved most of us out of our offices and into our living rooms, basements, bedrooms, staircases, etc! Good ergonomics at home is just as important as at the office. Whether you’re a manager looking to support your workers at home or a worker in need of tips to improve your at-home workspace, this presentation on November 19th is for you! 

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – This has really been one heck of a year! Diversity and inclusion are not new concepts to the workplace, but this year, it’s really become an essential business area for leaders to address. With social justice movements calling greater attention to the inequities certain groups experience, there is a huge need for more sensitivity and purposeful efforts around diversity and inclusion. This presentation on November 24th is a must-attend for all leaders. 

Strategies to Work Better and Live Happier – Again, 2020 is just not letting up! Once COVID-19 hit, all normality went out the door – and let’s face it, “normality” was pretty stressful already. You certainly don’t need any reminders of what you’ve been going through during this pandemic. This presentation on November 24th is FREE for all COPA members to attend and we hope all of you will register to get some strategies that can lead to less stress and more balance. 

What Senior Leaders Need to know to Properly Support their Organizations for Success on Amazon in 2021 – To the chagrin of nearly every traditional retailer, Amazon is only getting more ubiquitous. But, the e-commerce giant presents great opportunities for consumer brands looking to expand their reach. This talk will do exactly what the title says on November 26th. Don’t miss it if you manage a consumer brand! 

You can sign up for any of these seminars online, or email Nicole Gamble at ngamble@copa.ca if you need help registering. Most topics are only $50 per person, with a $75 maximum per person (HST is extra, though!). 

We’ll see you on Zoom!