In today’s hyper competitive retail market, product assortment is key to achieve differentiation and relevance to customers.

COPA has compiled a report which details the comparative value of product groups and product in the Canadian office products market. This covers all channels including stores, e-commerce, commercial and cross-border. 

Key Product Categories:

  • Office Products
  • Technology and Office Equipment
  • Printers
  • Writing Instruments
  • Office Furniture
  • Kitchen and Breakroom 
  • Cleaning Products
  • Health and Safety

Values and percentages in the report are based on import values. Most of these products, with the exception of some paper related products are imported into Canada.

How can this information help your business?

  • It provides a full picture of the market
  • Allows you to assess future market prospects
  • Identifies key success factors on the market
  • Enables you to adjust your marketing strategy based on solid data

This report is provided at no cost to COPA members. Non-members may purchase the report for $1495. 

Please contact Sam Moncada at today to receive your copy of this valuable report.