According to a survey conducted by Toronto-based Startup, SoapBox, 68% of managers say their top challenge as a people leader is juggling managing their team with their other responsibilities.

The top 5 challenges managers face

  • 68% Juggling managing my team with my other responsibilities 
  • 14% Hitting team goals 
  • 11% Getting my team to collaborate with one another 
  • 4% Retaining my employees 
  • 3% Other

“Managers are the single most important driver of employee performance, engagement and happiness. We’re aiming to understand the state of people leadership through the lens of one-on-ones and hope that as a result, managers reading this can build 

on the patterns that have proven successful for others.” – Brennan, Co-founder and CEO of SoapBox

Other key findings include

  • 94% of managers are having one-on-one meetings with their team. 
  • 54% of managers reported using Slack as the primary tool for communicating with their team.   
  • 41% of managers use personal productivity tools for one-on-one meetings. 
  • 34% use pen and paper. 
  • Only 21% of managers reported using purpose-built one-on-one and team meeting software. 
  • 37% of managers feel the most important part of their role as a manager is keeping the team on track to achieve goals. 
  • 26% feel it’s providing direct reports with growth and development opportunities and 
  • 22% feel it’s to remove blockers from their team. 
  • Remote managers find retaining employees 6 times more challenging than on-site employees.

Report methodology

The State of One-on-ones report is based on data collected from over 200 people-managers across various industries, experience levels and company sizes coupled with industry research. The goal of the report is to identify the current approach to one-on-ones managers are taking.

For the full report broken down by industry, remote vs. on-site managers, experience level and organization size visit 

Source: CISION Newswire