NuTone-Densi has rebranded as Nu-Tone & Co. The brand makeover has given the company a new look and feel, but it promises to maintain its commitment as a leading distributor for alternative, compatible imaging and printing products designed for resellers throughout Canada. 

Nu-Tone & Co has more than 800 resellers of over 10,000 products across Canada and has been recognized as a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of high performance, compatible products, including its new collection of alternative ergonomic products that will broaden its selection and client offerings.

“To ensure we maintain our rapid success and maintain our aggressive growth path, we plan to continue challenging the “status quo” of a market controlled by original brands by offering the largest possible selection of alternative solutions, at fair prices, without ever compromising on quality,” said Martin Dagenais, president of Nu-Tone & Co. “Our vision is clear, we want to dominate the Canadian market as the go-to resource for office product resellers who want to make their businesses grow and prosper by offering them alternative and compatible solutions that are easily accessible across the country, without having to pay the price major brands charge.”

Nu-Tone & Co plans to be the brand of choice for compatible imaging and printing products in North America through streamlined processes, an expanded network and strong partnerships. 

“Our commitment to quality is reflected in all aspects of our business. This, in turn, has established the reputation for exceptional quality our products have. And all our actions strive to honour this badge of trust,” Dagenais continued. “Furthermore, through our partnerships and involvement in the field of imaging, we seek to make a difference in the environment and in the community.”

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