Office Depot Inc. has selected Zebra Technologies Corporation to help transform the customer experience and improve operational efficiency. 

“Our business customers are looking for a personalized and interactive experience in our stores,” said Kevin Moffitt, chief retail officer for Office Depot, Inc. “Zebra’s mobile computing solutions have allowed us to simplify day-to-day operations to enable our associates to focus on what matters most – spending time assisting our customers with selecting the right solutions for their business.”


  • Office Depot has deployed 10,000 Zebra TC51 touch computers with the Workforce Connect PTT voice solution to improve the in-store customer experience and warehouse and delivery operations.
  • Associates have access to more than 40 in-store applications that empower them to more efficiently run store operations and offer proactive omnichannel personal selling and customer service.
  • Office Depot has cut processing and shelving inventory time.
  • Office Depot has improved operational efficiencies by reducing ongoing maintenance costs associated with Zebra mobile devices.
  • Zebra’s Android-based touch computers have replaced consumer-grade devices helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase associate productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Office Depot has improved distribution centre productivity, order pick and fulfillment rates with the TC51 and RS507X ring imagers.
  • Office Depot is also using Zebra’s TC56 touch computer for its fleet management and proof-of-delivery (POD) applications to help its drivers safely minimize delivery times.

“With the rise of e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment, Office Depot’s investment in Android-based mobile computing and voice solutions has helped it adapt to the evolving in-store, distribution center and delivery-related needs of the on-demand economy,” said Chris Kelly, Vice President and General Manager of North America Sales, Zebra Technologies. “Zebra’s retail and supply chain solutions are providing a performance edge to Office Depot’s store and distribution center associates and delivery drivers that are transforming the customer experience while improving associate productivity and reducing operational costs.”

Office Depot has also dramatically improved its supply chain efficiencies in distribution centers using the TC51 touch computer along with the RS507X cordless Bluetooth ring imagers for order picking, a voice-guided picking application and Workforce Connect PTT Voice. By standardizing on the TC51 touch computer, Office Depot has eliminated the need for separate picking devices and two-way radios. Workforce Connect PTT Voice has improved collaboration among managers and front-line associates with its one-to-one and group communications capability, within a facility and between multiple facilities.

“Through our investment in Zebra technology devices, we have seen improved productivity, accuracy and delivery performance across our private fleet and fulfillment operations, which have contributed to an enhanced customer experience,” said John Gannfors, Chief Merchandising and Supply Chain Officer for Office Depot, Inc.

Learn more about Office Depot’s decision by watching their in-store and supply chain video case study. 

Source: Office Depot