A new OPI publication is available that will help office products and business supplies vendors capitalize on growth opportunities in the UK marketplace. Many OP vendors serving the UK market are finding that not only is demand for their ‘traditional’ products in decline, but that the channels they have historically relied upon to get these products to market are also shrinking.

Furthermore, some vendors are reporting that if they attempt to diversify into new product areas, these channels are often unable – or unwilling – to accommodate new ranges. As a result, many suppliers are now actively looking for new sales avenues for their historic and new product ranges.

Featuring more than 40 detailed profiles (with contact information) of key players in several emerging reseller channels, Where To Now? is an indispensable prospect guide for manufacturers and wholesalers looking to broaden their customer base beyond the traditional routes to market.

To ensure your business is not missing these vital sales opportunities, you can order Where To Now? here.
Alternatively, for more information, please contact martin.wilde@ntlworld.com or steve.hilleard@opi.net.