Freight and parcel solutions provider Purolator is inviting members of the Canadian Office Products Association (COPA) to sign up for Integrated Carriers, which will give them access to a streamlined shipping service.

With an Integrated Carriers account, COPA members can:

  • Enter shipping details quickly and easily
  • Get access to competitive rates and service options in an instant
  • Select the service to meet your needs
  • Get shipping labels and paperwork printed from your computer
  • Track shipments and receive shipment notifications
  • Retrieve documents like proof of delivery and invoices plus customize reporting

Additionally, COPA members will be able to get competitive customs brokers through Customs Quote Brokerage Service, which are more economical than those of other leading providers like FedEx or UPS.

Click this link to get to know more about Integrated Carriers and to sign up for the program.

Meanwhile, check out these other services provided by Purolator:

Purolator Express
If getting your shipment there by the end of the next business day is soon enough, choose Purolator Express service. Guaranteed* delivery by end of the day or the next business day.

Purolator Ground
When getting your shipment to its destination at a specific time is not required, you can choose Purolator Ground service. Delivery will be by end of the day in two or more business days, depending on your destination.

Purolator Freight Services
Purolator Freight provides the same world-class services for LTL shipments that you have to come to rely on from Purolator for package delivery. No matter how sophisticated your LTL needs are, you can rely on Purolator Freight to make them easy to manage. Purolator Freight services provide delivery from most points in Canada to most points in Canada by end of the day on the scheduled delivery day specified by Purolator.

To learn more please visit the Purolator website or go to the COPA Purolator page.