For over a decade, pundits have predicted the impending demise of the traditional (retail) sales channel, with sales to consumers being taken over by larger stores or discount stores. Although it’s true that the number of smaller retail stores (<300 square metres) have decreased in recent years, FMCG producers will never cease distributing their products through these traditional channels and it’s important to have the right tools to measure your business.

Utilizing modern systems, it is possible to measure the quantities and values of how distributors re-sell their products to the market as well as where and on what trading terms and conditions. Additionally, reliable information is obtained on the volume of actual inventories day after day at each distribution point. With this information, it is possible to apply a sell-out strategy (targeting distributors for resale).

Comarch has released a white paper which explains how companies are using cutting-edge systems to perfect their sell-out strategy. Click here to download a copy of this insightful white paper. 

Source: Retail Wire