COPA is pleased to offer our members a free two-week trial membership with Sococo. Sococo is a remote-work platform that empowers companies to build bullet-proof culture, team identity, and connectedness like never before.

With more and more teams working remotely, Sococo is committed to providing even more value to your office. Improvements that will soon be coming to Sococo include:

  • Allowing companies to seamlessly plug in 3rd party tools (there has already been great customer feedback regarding integrations with Zoom, Meet, and Webex)
  • Integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook, followed by other video conferencing options and project management tools
  • Built-In audio/video capability will continue to be offered with subscriptions – administrators can now view current team media usage and purchase additional minutes from Sococo settings

Sococo is fortunate to have many new customers as the need for a virtual office and maintaining trust, accountability, and an emotional connection to your team in this difficult time is greater than ever. As a 100% globally distributed team, Sococo will continue to support your team through the current challenges and beyond. 

Contact Nicole Gamble at to sign up for a 2-week free trial with Sococo.