On November 4th, Staples US Retail announced SpotlightSpace, a new in-store collaborative event space designed to serve as a platform for the personal and professional development of community members. SpotlightSpace was built for customers to connect and learn by hosting and attending events such as speaker sessions, workshops, seminars, meetings and more. With a goal of inspiring lifelong achievement at every stage, the physical configuration of SpotlightSpace locations ranges from smaller open spaces with modular seating to enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces with configurable tables and seating. All SpotlightSpace locations are available now for booking.

“The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and so are the needs of our customers – many of them own a side business and need access to professional resources,” said Mike Motz, CEO, Staples US Retail. “Beyond just a place to buy supplies, we want our customers to be able to network, grow their business and add to their skill sets by attending community events, talks and workshops led by other small business leaders and experts who have grown from their experiences. As one of the most substantial economic engines in the US, the Southern California region is a great place to start reaching our customers eager to connect and learn in our new event space.”

“Our desired outcome is to develop a true partnership with the surrounding community and to meet their need for more places to collaborate and learn,” said Steve Reynolds, District Manager, Staples US Retail. “Through initial pilot events, customers have already shown great interest in the spaces, booking them for a variety of events from monthly reoccurring meetings to one-off speaking sessions and educational workshops. We’re excited to hear more success stories about how using these spaces have helped members of our community grow, both personally and professionally.”

Examples of events held at SpotlightSpace locations include Starting Your First Business, How to Start Podcasting and The Secrets to Buying A Franchise. The space is also available for hosting and attending a variety of events catered to students, parents and teachers, from Girl Scout meetings to networking events. Over the next few weeks to celebrate the launch in the Southern California market, Staples will bring in local business owners to share advice for personal and professional growth.

Source: Staples