In January 2021, Staples stores in the U.S. will begin accepting returns from a few other retailers. The service is a result of a partnership with Optoro, which manages returns for Best Buy, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, American Eagle, B.J.’s and Under Armour as well as Staples and hundreds of smaller online sites. U.S. Staples stores will be the first retailer to accept returns through a new program, Express Returns.

Under the program, consumers looking to return a product purchased from a retailer using the Optoro platform may find an option to make the return at a nearby Staples. A QR code is sent to their mobile phone to be scanned by a Staples associate. The code enables the shopper to skip the line for a quick refund while supporting a contactless experience for store associates. There is no need for the customer to print a label or package the return.

Holiday returns are expected to reach another record as accelerated e-commerce growth is forecast to continue due to the pandemic and return rates are found to be three to five times higher for online purchases than store-bought ones. Beyond convenience for shoppers, returns specialists tout their services as cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for retailers.

Source: Retail Wire