TD  Synnex Announces Corporate Citizenship Program

TD SYNNEX has announced the launch of its first corporate citizenship program, including its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework across the global organization. The company also reinforced its commitment to philanthropic and community involvement as part of its strategy to build a healthier planet, increase diverse representation in the workforce and provide access to technology for those in need.

As a large IT distributor and solutions aggregator, TD SYNNEX is well positioned to drive meaningful impact through its ESG objectives. The company has committed to demonstrating its progress against these objectives by launching an annual corporate citizenship report within the next year.


TD SYNNEX has a vision for a vibrant, interconnected world with a focus on protecting the environment. The company is committed to lowering its global carbon footprint, setting targets for emission reductions, increasing its sustainability initiatives, and supporting its customers and vendors.

The company has committed to the Science-based Target initiative Business Ambition Pledge, and as part of this, plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its global operations by 2045. Additional commitments include continuing to incorporate circular economy principles into TD SYNNEX’s product life cycle management strategy by partnering with stakeholders to minimize waste through repair, refurbishment and recycling. And leadership will deploy environmental management systems and pursue international standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to minimize its environmental impact. TD SYNNEX also reports its environmental sustainability performance through CDP.

As part of its commitment to meeting these goals, the company also announced that Manuel Aguirre has joined the company as Global Sustainability Manager, based in Europe. Aguirre brings more than 20 years of experience in sustainability and in corporate responsibility, working both in-house and as a consultant across that region.


TD SYNNEX’s commitment to social responsibility starts with its co-workers. TD SYNNEX is committed to increasing representation of people who identify as women to comprise 50% of its workforce and 40% of leadership roles by 2030 in addition to increasing representation of underrepresented groups by 2025. And with an emphasis on equity, the company plans to expand compensation and benefits parity programs across the globe in addition to evaluating promotion practices for fairness for all co-workers. The focus on diversity continues to expand with a commitment to increasing the diversity of TD SYNNEX’s business partner ecosystem.

An important component of TD SYNNEX’s DEI program is its five Business Resource Groups (BRGs), which provide positive forums for co-workers to discuss common experiences and goals with individuals of like or similar interests. The company encourages the doubling of co-worker participation in these BRGs by 2025.

TD SYNNEX is continuing its commitment to community support with a focus on the pillars of children and education, health and wellness, and digital divide. As part of this, the company is helping to bridge the digital divide by providing devices, digital skills training, internet connectivity and technical support to underserved communities. Specifically, through partnership with nonprofits like Human I-T, TD SYNNEX will digitally equip 20,000 households touching the lives of 60,000 people. 


TD SYNNEX has a comprehensive ethics and compliance program and well-established governance policies and principles,. The Corporate Citizenship program is overseen by a steering committee comprised of a cross-regional and cross-functional group of leaders and supported through a strong partnership with BSR. The Corporate Citizenship strategy is reviewed and approved by the company’s executive leadership team, including the CEO, and the board of directors receives regular updates.

To learn more about TD SYNNEX’s commitments to the community, its stakeholders, and its ESG objectives and roadmap, please visit:

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TD Synnex Achieves AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency

TD SYNNEX has announced that it has become one of the first distributors to achieve Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency. The competency is an accreditation that can be achieved through the AWS Partner Network (APN) by demonstrating specialized capabilities in cloud management tools, and by meeting extensive security and compliance checks.

The AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency recognizes TD SYNNEX for meeting the security and compliance checks and demonstrating advanced technical proficiency and seamless product delivery on AWS. With this designation, TD SYNNEX hopes to grow its network of AWS resellers worldwide through increased awareness of the platform and its robust cloud billing and management capabilities.

The AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency helps AWS customers identify solutions that enable their cloud strategy by delivering operations and governance best practices. As TD SYNNEX grows its relationship with AWS, it has validated the capabilities of its expert staff, consulting services, and platforms like StreamOne Ion to gain access to exclusive programs like the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program and AWS Migration Acceleration Program. Partners in the AWS Partner Path for services and software who are teaming with TD SYNNEX globally can leverage the company’s capabilities and access to programs to accelerate and grow their businesses on AWS.

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TD Synnex Launches New Managed Virtual Desktop Solution to Solutions Factory

TD SYNNEX has announced a new managed virtual desktop Click-to-Run™ solution for businesses looking to offer remote desktop capabilities. The solution deploys an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment hosted in Microsoft Azure that allows users to access their desktops and applications from anywhere, on any kind of device.

“Many organizations don’t have the time or resources to commit to building or deploying full-scale IT infrastructure for new or remote employees, and a virtual desktop solution can help to deliver the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency businesses need,” said Peter Zonneveld, vice president of Global Solutions Aggregation, TD SYNNEX. “The addition of new managed features to Azure’s Virtual Desktop reduces set-up time and allows for easy-to-use services that help customers access their work applications and infrastructure from anywhere in the world.”

TD SYNNEX’s Managed Azure virtual desktop solution simplifies the process of provisioning, configuring, and deploying a cloud-based virtual desktop, with mapped-out support to meet customer needs for virtual working. The new offering has two options for deployment:

  1. A standalone feature which provides a quick deployment for partners that already offer managed services and need a quick AVD environment setup. Partners can easily customize the size and scope of the desired AVD environment and deploy this offering in less than 30 minutes.
  2. A managed feature which provides the quick AVD environment setup listed above plus comprehensive 24×7 support and management provided via email, phone and chat; performance monitoring and backup to restore support, efficiently and automatically managed environments while identifying and completing required backup of recurring tasks on AVD; and white-labeled service options including implementation, onboarding, resource monitoring, remediation and patch management services.

“TD SYNNEX recognizes delivering secure cloud-based virtual desktop solutions is essential to ensuring customer productivity while mitigating risks. By adding a services component to these solutions, we are helping partners go to market more effectively, faster, and even more profitably,” said Stephen Ennis, vice president of Services and Advanced Solutions, Europe, Tech Data a TD SYNNEX company. “The Azure Virtual Desktop Click-to-Run™ offering provides a fully managed solution which teams can quickly set up and scale to virtualized infrastructures, while providing a new revenue stream and portfolio enhancer.”

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