TD Synnex Announces Partnership With Microstrategy

TD SYNNEX, a global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem, has announced a North American partnership with MicroStrategy, an enterprise analytics platform that delivers modern, consumer-grade experiences for every role on every device. The partnership expands the TD SYNNEX IoT, data, and analytics portfolio of partners to include a comprehensive software platform for self-service data discovery, enterprise reporting, mobile applications, and embedded analytics.

“We see MicroStrategy as a strategic addition to our vendor alliance ecosystem with `all-play’ adjacency that will enable our partner community to provide end-to-end enterprise analytics that drives end-user adoption and meets the demands of today’s data driven business culture,” said Cheryl Neal, vice president of New Vendor Acquisition, TD SYNNEX. “MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence solution in particular, presents a next-generation approach that transforms the way people find answers through zero-click user experiences. By injecting insights directly into a user’s existing workflows, these applications seamlessly transform familiar interfaces into intelligence tools – making every person, application, and device more intelligent and again, providing our resell community a profitable way to provide value to their customer.”

MicroStrategy provides flexible deployment options including on-premise or managed cloud-as-a-service on leading cloud infrastructure options. The benefits of this new partnership to partners include:

  • Modern Experiences – MicroStrategy Dossiers and Library deliver impactful, personalized insights and collaboration to the entire enterprise. HyperIntelligence injects those insights into applications users are already comfortable in, making 100% analytics adoption a reality.
  • Open Architecture – Comprehensive APIs & SDKs, Federated Analytics, and 200+ data gateways empower Tech Data organizations to embed, extend, and integrate data into every experience. This works to maximize adoption rates, reduce development costs, and increase revenue opportunities.
  • Enterprise Platform – Security by design and the industry’s richest semantic layer offer performance 3-5x stronger than the competition. Organizations can deploy a MicroStrategy Cloud Environment for a fully managed enterprise analytics platform in weeks.

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SYNNEX Japan Announces Company Name Change

SYNNEX Japan Corporation (Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President: Shigetaka Kunimochi; hereinafter “SYNNEX Japan”) has as of January 1, 2022 changed its company name to TD SYNNEX Kabushiki Kaisha (hereinafter “TD SYNNEX KK”). The company name change follows the September 2021 merger of SYNNEX Corporation and Tech Data Corporation to form TD SYNNEX, a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem.

TD SYNNEX is a leading distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem, offering solutions that combine products and services from the domestic and overseas markets to value add and solve customers’ challenges. These solutions are in addition to the traditional IT wholesale business. Going forward, it will continue to be the technology and solutions partner and advisor to the Japan-based customers, operating as the Japanese distributor of TD SYNNEX in the Asia Pacific & Japan region.

“Japan continues to be a key market for TD SYNNEX and we aim to provide Japanese customers and vendors unparalleled access to our global distribution platform, to accelerate technology adoption with exceptional reach, efficiency and expertise. At TD SYNNEX, we are focused on creating a robust, consistent and superior experience for customers and vendors in every market, and are energized by the opportunities ahead of us,” said Rich Hume, TD SYNNEX CEO.

Shigetaka Kunimochi, Corporate President of TD SYNNEX KK said, “[w]e are excited to be part of the 22,000 coworkers globally who are dedicated to uniting IT products, services and solutions from over 1,500 best-in-class technology vendors. This enables us to provide excellence across both existing and high growth next generation technology segments.”

Summary of Company Name Change
New company name: TD SYNNEX Kabushiki Kaisha
Former company name: SYNNEX Japan Corporation
Date of company name change: January 1, 2022
Address and telephone number will not be changed.