Next topic on the Point-of-Sale Data Minute series will be “The Foundation to Effective Category Management” with guest speaker, Russ “The Catman” Abstein. Russ is the founder of “Catman Analytics” a category management consultancy, and is an expert in category management.

Russ’s 25+ years of category management experience comes from Fortune 500 organizations, including Kraft, Kimberly-Clark, Novartis, Samsung, and Signify.

In this informative 20-min session as Russ will share his thoughts and insights to help small-mid-size companies get on the right path of effective category management and confirm for larger companies that they aren’t missing anything critical in their existing process. 

Russ and Doug will also discuss how point-of-sale data (and other data sets) provide(s) the foundation for effective category management, planogram planning, and creating the optimal assortment and mix for each retail brand and market.  

Date: June 22, 2023
Time: 12PM EST
Website:  LinkedIn Live