Being in the Home and Office products industry for decades, we have noticed the need for a tool, actually more of a platform, one hub for all product knowledge and sales training. We know that day by day, products get more complex and sales people can’t reach their selling target if they are not 100% familiar with all products on the floor.

As a team, equipping the sales department with the right tool has been our passion. We have been developing the HOPC for years. 

HOP Campus is the only platform that connects product manufacturers, with distributors, dealers and retailers across the globe. HOPC is intended to be the largest product knowledge database built on an AI powered sales enablement platform.

Increase your top line revenues by more than 30%, by focusing on increasing your sales team efficiency through out every step of the pipe line. Join us now and be a part of that revolutionary, AI Powered state of the art product knowledge sales enablement Platform.

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