Never in our wildest dreams would we have believed that we would be affected by such a catastrophic event that has had such a significant impact on the global, national and local economies. Many of us believed that planning for things that “might” never happen was a difficult priority to set when other day-to-day challenges are increasingly demanding. 

As we resume business within the “new normal” model, we need to understand, as employers, the process for returning and integrating our workforce into this “new normal” environment; our legal obligations for supporting our workforce during this process; and what we need to do moving forward in support of this “new normal” environment.

On May 14, COPA  held another free HR webinar for our members that helped participants gain a better understanding of the legislative framework that drives the “due diligence” obligations requiring organizations to have in place in support of employees as we re-open our businesses; the 4 phases of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) framework;  as well as resources that are required for the development of an effective workforce transition and transformation plan for our workplaces.

The excellent presentation by Viki Scott, President & Principal Consultant for Scott & Associates Inc. took the participants through the 4 phases of a BCP including – Prevention, Preparation, Response & Recovery and touched upon the pieces of legislation that are involved:

  • Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act (now extended to June 21)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Act
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Labour Relations Act

Even though the presentation addressed Ontario legislation, the other provinces have similar types of requirements.

Ms. Scott pointed out the fact that the COVID-19 situation is very much a mental health crisis.  Lots of people are scared and stressed and have concerns about returning to workplace settings.  In addition, health & safety is very much the #1 concern of governments right now so companies need to be on top of their requirements for employees and workplaces and keep compliant.  The situation is going to require a new type of leadership approach to help and support employees as they return to the workplace and make plans for a likely second COVID-19 wave later in the year.  

We would like to thank Viki for her presentation and taking the time to answer a number of questions afterwards.  We look forward to having Viki speak again to our members in the future.    

Contact Information:
Viki Scott
President and Principal Consultant
Scott & Associates Inc.
Tel: (416)756-4785