As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Canadians still face uncertainty and anxiety about the pandemic itself, the economy and the added stress at home and at work. YW Calgary is here to help individuals manage their stress by offering Canadians a free online 15-minute tool from their Mindfulicity program called Coping with Uncertainty until September 6, 2020.

“Isolation, job loss, financial pressures and continued fear for our health and safety puts Canadians under incredible stress,” says Sue Tomney, CEO, YW Calgary. “The convergence of work and home environments further heightens the impact on our mental health. With organizations resuming business operations in these challenging conditions, this online skill-building opportunity helps Canadians better manage the transition at a time when stress and anxiety are more present than ever.”

Mindfulicity’s module: Coping with Uncertainty is a brain-based micro-course grounded in YW Calgary’s deep expertise and proven outcomes in leading-edge conflict counselling and training programs. The course helps people better regulate their emotions and manage uncertainty at work and at home by exploring:

  • the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress,
  • what emotional triggers might cause stress,
  • how stress affects us, and
  • how to take action to build resilience and manage our stress levels as we prepare for the uncertainty ahead.

The 15-minute, highly interactive tool includes animated videos and activities to engage users while providing them with easy-to-follow steps that offer immediate relief. Once complete, there are links to additional resources for users to download tips and tricks for coping during stressful times.

“With YW Calgary’s proven track record of helping women, men and families manage conflict and stress at home and at work, our Mindfulicity program can help every individual learn and grow the skills they need to build psychologically safe workplaces and home lives – whether during a pandemic or not,” says Tomney. “It’s why we want to share Coping with Uncertainty with all Canadians.”

Mindfulicity’s Coping with Uncertainty module will be available for all Canadians for free until September 6, 2020 and can be accessed by registering here.

Source: Cision News Wire