Zebra Pen Corp., a global leader in the writing and creative instrument space, is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website for U.S. customers. The new site is intended to increase e-commerce functionality, enhance the user experience, brand communications, and completely overhaul the technical infrastructure.

“The new website for Zebra Pen properly aligns with our vision for our employees, partners, and consumers, which will be a critical pillar for growth in the future,” stated Ken Newman, director of marketing. “The website is our core marketing platform to expand the Zebra Pen brand and build enhanced relationships with our consumers. It is a perfect place to Find Zen in Your Pen.”

A key component of the site is the emphasis put on the brand and consumer experience allowing the consumer a seamless path to research their favourite brands and pen types through an easy-to-use filtering functionality. Another key feature of the new site is a destination where you can Find Your Zen – a path to self-expression. Each section is artfully crafted for users to find inspiration in creativity, enlighten their writing, or explore endless new possibilities. Each section is supported by an aggregate of blogs ranging from activities to tutorials to tips.

Ken Newman states, “Great brands are more than just logos or marquees, and website or applications. They are about the totality of the user experience, whenever a customer encounters the brand.”

To view the new U.S. website, visit ZebraPen.com.

Source: Zebra Pen